" I was born near Paris in France, on April 7th, 1956.


My childhood was a peaceful and happy one with my family, and music was always part of my daily life.

At the age of 7, my school invited a classical orchestra to play and introduce the young pupils (a rare initiative in those days!) to the famous work of "Tchaikovski" Nutcracker. I was one of the only child extremely interested and suddenly had a revelation: I was mesmerized by the beauty of the music, by the diversity of the instruments, as if something divine and unexpected appeared to me. ..

"The music had just penetrated my soul".


At age 11, I learned to play the guitar, without any knowledge of music reading or writing.

All along my artistic life I was inspired by some famous musicians.

These great artists influenced me, talked to me emotionally and pushed me ahead to do my best, not to mention my overflowing passion to create my own compositions at my studio, inspired by "Progressive Symphonic Rock".


I does everything by myself (playing instruments, arrangements, programing, mixing, mastering, etc…)


I've perfected myself relentlessly, never forgetting my primary passion and listening to the best musicians from around the world ...


In 50 years playing the guitar, I did all alone without any teachers. I am self-taught. "





" I've called it "MUSIC" because it's not a typical demonstrative guitar album.

All the instruments are in harmony for the beauty of the music.

After playing and recording with several artists during many years, the time was come to record my own album. Seven months of intensive work was necessary to release it.

I've done everything you can hear: Lead guitar, Symphonic orchestra, Bass guitar, Keyboards, Drums and percussions, Arrangements, etc..

And all the work in the studio (sound engineering, mastering and cover artwork)


I'm sure that you will  like this album.. It is my soul.. My spirit. "

Now, MUSIC is published by Plaza Mayor Company Ltd (London - Hong Kong - Montreal)